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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention
Response to Intervention (RtI) is an approach that schools use to help all students, including struggling learners. The RtI approach gives Texas students opportunities to learn and work at their grade level. The idea is to help all students be successful.

  • RtI benefits students by providing:
  • early identification of strengths and weaknesses in the fundamental skills of reading, writing, mathematics, and behavior; 
  • early intervention to engage all learners;
  • data to support instructional decisions; and
  • documentation to support the type of instruction or intervention that students need.


Students who may have a disability will be referred for a full and individual evaluation for special education services as a requirement under federal law (34 CFR § 300.111 Child Find) to ensure that evaluations are not delayed or denied because of the use of an RtI strategy.

Behavior and RtI
RtI is also a way to address behavioral concerns. The Texas Behavior Support Initiative is a resource designed to build capacity in Texas schools for them to provide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) to all students. PBIS uses a range of school-wide and individualized strategies to achieve social and learning results. Problem behaviors are reduced and students learn.